Fashion / Beauty / Music / Art / Culture and Lifestyle blog by Aurelia. Located in and between D.C. & NYC.


Fashion. Music. Art. Culture.
I do it all.

Hello! Welcome to AureliaDiesel.

I am a blogger, musician, artist, fashion enthusiast and more.

My birth name is…Sarah! But I go by Aurelia. Most of the time. or Auri/Ari/R.E. depending on who I’m talking to. (The first is a nickname giving to me by my sister – it’s her spelling of choice :P )

Member of Katsucon PR Team year-round (even though the con is once a year!)

Currently spend my time between the two wonderful cities of D.C. & NYC, though I hope to one day expand my travels elsewhere…

I’m multilingual and know Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese and am actively studying them as well as others.

I cover a variety of topics with a focus on fashion & beauty, entertainment & popular culture, and lifestyle.

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