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World-Class Makeup Selection in a Pharmacy…On Wall Street? Only in New York.


It never ceases to amaze me, the things one is able to find in New York City. For most people, it’s all about the bright lights, multitudes of people, exclusive shopping and Times Square. But the beauty of the city is much more subtle than that – it’s the exaggerated, over-the-top care taken in improving things that are already of good quality – mainly, the NYC commitment and motivation to always be the biggest, the best and the brightest.

New York is arguably the capital city of everything: fashion, film, business, consumer culture and even higher education – so it should be of no surprise that high-quality beauty products are available in massive volumes rarely seen anywhere else. However, it’s where NYC places these products, that may surprise tourists and beauty gurus alike.

And it just so happens, that the city’s own exclusive pharmacy chain, Duane Reade, is home to one of the best affordable and high-tech cosmetic selections in Manhattan. It’s not just in any ordinary Duane Reade though (since they’re on every corner, like the Starbucks of pharmaceutical drugs), but the world-class flagship store on 40 Wall Street.


With marble columns, sky-high ceilings and a nail salon sitting in John D. Rockefeller’s former office, this is the Duane Reade to truly outdo the rest. Opened in 2011, the Duane Reade flagship store features everything from a sushi bar to a fragrance testing station. There’s even a live, talking hologram woman at the front of the store. And oh, did I mention there’s an actual pharmacy?

The design of the place is pretty brilliant. It’s bright, spacious and luxurious and open 24 hours a day, pretty fitting for the city that never sleeps.

The LOOK Boutique is the “unique beauty experience” introduced with the store, featuring a team of first-class professionals in every area of beauty. The boutique itself is actually experimental and a totally new concept for the drug store brand. Boasting a private 21st century hair salon, nail bar, eyebrow grooming services, cosmetic consultations and a Virtual Makeover Kiosk, the LOOK Boutique is truly a breath-taker. The boutique also carries a few brands unique to the store that you won’t find anywhere else in the city, such as No7 cosmetics from London and a Demeter Fragrance Library. The salon also uses an exclusive brand, and gives treatments all using the Parisian brand Phyto Universe and serves both men and women. Not to mention the store has a massive selection of men’s cosmetics and grooming products.

So, if you find yourself wandering through Lower Manhattan, why not give this mega beauty boutique pharmacy a try…?

Duane Read Flagship Official Website

Connect with Duane Reade on: Twitter | Facebook | YouTube

See below for more beautiful pictures of the store 

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4 thoughts on “World-Class Makeup Selection in a Pharmacy…On Wall Street? Only in New York.

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  2. Sarah, Love your blog and the amazing stories you have created on Duane Reade and Coffee Bene in NYC. Both of us have seen your blog posts and we are looking at the older ones now. You certainly have a future in design and marketing if you wish to do that.

  3. That looks amazing – I think I would spend WAY too much money.

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