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Pantone Announces 2014 Color of the Year + S/S ’14 Color Palette


The past year has seen an incredible array of colors and shades. Color palettes focused not only on the deep, jewel tone green called Emerald, named 2013 color of the year by Pantone, but also on bright contrast inspired by greens, blues, purples and dashes of red. Palettes for both spring and fall showed a large commitment to bringing together the beauty of “dynamic brights with novel neutrals.” Looking back on the year in color, I can say it was a sophisticated year with the prevalence of green. The grassy garden hues from the spring carried over remarkably well to the fall and winter, spurring a trend among younger crowds with the military-inspired fashions featuring Pantone’s Deep Lichen Green, Carafe Brown and Turbulence Grey colors. In this way, Emerald was seen in all its glory – from the pastels reminiscent of wondrous garden getaways to the holiday jewel tones and nitty-gritty dark hues associated with cooler weather and edgier style.

For 2014, Pantone has chosen a warm and versatile color associated with feminine confidence and creativity – Radiant Orchid purple. 18-3224, or just simply ‘Radiant Orchid’, is an “expressive, creative and embracing purple” with an intriguing charm. The color is a mix of fuschia with pink and purple undertones, which hasn’t been seen in the color of the year since 2011′s Honeysuckle pink. Although it can be seen as a female-exclusive color, Radiant Orchid is a universal color both in gender and skin tone. However, for those more interested in how to incorporate its versatility into a stunning makeup or beauty look, Radiant Orchid works well with red as well as lavender, purple and pink shades – including lipsticks, blush products and even nail polishes.

Read Pantone’s Official Press Release for more on Radiant Orchid and how it was chosen.


Though Radiant Orchid is the go-to color of 2014, it doesn’t have much of a presence in the spring/summer palette for the upcoming season. Instead of being accompanied by pinks and lavender, the warm purple-fuschia hue is actually paired with “soft pastels and vivid brights” showing more similarities to that of 2013′s fall palette than its spring. The palette including Dazzling Blue, Cayenne Red, Celosia Orange, Freesia Yellow, and Violet Tulip is inspired by “blooming flowers, travels abroad, and strong, confident women” according to Pantone. The palette is without a doubt diverse and versatile, the inclusion of the neutrals Paloma and Sound bring all the colors together into one fully realized vision for the S/S ’14 season.

“This season, consumers are looking for a state of  thoughtful, emotional and artistic equilibrium. While this need for stability is reflected in the composition of the palette, the inherent versatility of the individual colors allows for experimentation with new looks and color combinations.” – Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute

To read more about Pantone’s 2014 Spring color palette and download the full report, click here.

And here are some of my favorite designs from the Spring ’14 color report – including Rachel Roy, Rebecca Minkoff and Christian Siriano.

Fotor1222174955 Fotor1222174712Also check out the Pantone + Sephora official Radiant Orchid product line here.


All images courtesy of Pantone & Sephora’s The Glossy

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6 thoughts on “Pantone Announces 2014 Color of the Year + S/S ’14 Color Palette

  1. HI, I couldn’t be happier about the color choice! xo #SITSBlogging triber!
    Do you have a FB page?

  2. I love this color, and it goes perfectly with the pastel trend seen on recent runways.


    • Aurelia on said:

      I completely agree! Though lately I’ve been seeing a lot of orange, I think the orange and purple will work perfectly together.


  3. I love the color! It’s going to be amazing for spring! Especially in lipsticks!

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