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Fall 2013 Fashion Round-Up: (Affordable) High School Trends

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Morsel in an Aeropostale fringe infinity scarf and (knotted!) American Eagle top + cozy cardigan

teal fringe infinity scarf | Aeropostale | buy from Poshmark

In high school, fashion rarely makes a statement appearance. Between college applications, sports, a heavy work load and all the other craziness that comes with the most overrated societal right of passage in the world, fashion and personal style is of much smaller concern to the teenage mind than the world makes it out to be. However, that doesn’t mean that a few trends or chic fashionistas don’t make themselves known every once in a while. Trend forecasting in high school is much different from forecasting for the big, bad world outside. High school fashion depends on a few things that the ordinary (or even more so, adult) world doesn’t always like to admit affects their apparel choices. While the average 18+ style star may keep under wraps their secret inclination towards clearance racks and department stores, high school trendsetters tend to be more honest about the reality of their shopping habits, bringing a fresh perspective to style for the younger generation. In other words, the average teen may not wear the most luxury or high-fashion ($$$) brands, but that doesn’t mean they don’t love to express their style. And even when they get their rebellious clothing from Macy’s or (gasp!) Target, true high school trendsetters still know how to rock the perfect outfit and let their personality shine through. After all, fashion is about attitude – not the price tag.

Outerwear: Perfect Parkas

Screen shot 2013-12-14 at 9.35.49 PM

Emily in an oversized parka from American Eagle and a skull print dress from H&M’s DIVIDED Collection. Follow Emily on Instagram.

AE Classic Puff Parka with faux fur lined hoodie in olive green | American Eagle | Buy Online
Skull Print Dress | DIVIDED Collection by H&M | Buy similar style

This year’s fall has seen a short period of summer sunshine and what seems like a way-too-long extension of winter weather. Just as soon as fall came in, winter rushed ahead and reared its freezing cold yet totally fashionable head, calling for warmer fabrics, more layers and bigger coats. When defending yourself against the cold air of winter, it may seem hard to stay ‘chic, light and fashionable’ – but a heavy coat doesn’t have to weigh down your style! Emily in the picture above proves that you can still stay chic, with an oversized parka from American Eagle Outfitters and a perfectly edgy, yet cute skull print dress from H&M. Proving that dresses aren’t just for spring and summer, Emily’s ensemble has just the right amount of punk-print-inspired edge and young feminism to work from school to the city streets. This combination may not be the best option for the coldest of days, but an extra layer can be provided by a nice pair of warm, knit tights or scarf.

Everyday Ensemble: Casual Cardigans + Trendsetter Fall 2013 Color of Choice: Teal

Screen shot 2013-12-14 at 10.00.20 PM

Morsel in a teal layer cardigan, white lace inset babydoll top, and khaki skinny jeans. Her messy updo perfectly complements the relaxed outfit.

High school fashion in the fall normally has a pretty straight-forward theme, usually a reflection of the commonly used terms ‘sweater weather’ and ‘cozy cardigans’. Though the weather outside may seem unpredictable, the temperatures inside school buildings can be even harder to keep track of. Some classrooms have heating, others don’t, and some teachers still leave air conditioning on (it’s December and some of my teachers still have the air going full blast in their rooms. Unbelievable, I know). So as a student, it is critical to provide yourself with multiple layers of clothing every day. Usually in the form of a basic top and a sweatshirt or small jacket, these layers can be taken off and put back on for ease of comfort in order to adapt to different classroom temperatures. Unforeseen temperatures may not be the most comfortable thing to withstand in the midst of all the other intolerable characteristics of school, but style should never be compromised! Morsel shows her fellow peers how to be comfortable and relaxed while still looking chic and professional in her layer cardigan and babydoll top. Her khaki pants are more sophisticated than jeans, but don’t get in the way of comfort – a major perk. In addition, her messy updo is super-easy to style, and is a great way for girls to give their hair a little boost in the morning without working *too* hard :)

Common colors seen this season were warm, jewel tones and deep greens. Military inspired style was everywhere in early fall, so naturally the common colors associated with camo were trendy as well. However, I saw one color burst onto the teen fashion scene that was not originally ‘forecasted’ as a trend tone for fall 2013 – teal! I attribute this partly to the prevalence of emerald, as it was color of the year and the green-toned influence on fashion all-around in 2013. Not quite a pastel but not really a vivid tone, teal is definitely a favorite among teenage style stars. It’s a very versatile color than be used in a main piece or just an accessory, but it complements neutrals very well. So when looking for a pop of not-too-bright color, teal is definitely the way to go. It was seen in cardigans, scarves, party dresses, jewelry and even shoes! You may not know it, but (according to a representative I talked to) teal was one of the most common shoe colors sold by the popular shoes and apparel store Vans, a staple brand among teens and young people. And for those unfamiliar with the current generation of teens’ fashion choices, teal is seen socially as a risk-taker’s color without being ‘too’ risky. It’s a way to set yourself apart without being too ‘out there.’

Military Model: Camo Combinations

Screen shot 2013-12-14 at 10.02.26 PM

Taylor in a deep lichen green and olive camo top with leather accents, matching camo shoes and a turbulence grey handbag. Follow Taylor on Instagram and Twitter.

Camo top with faux leather accent sleeves | Pacsun | Buy similar style

There’s no denying the amount of military-inspired fashion seen on teens in fall 2013. From camo tops, to shoes, to handbags, trendsetters everywhere were enlisting for a fashion army phenomenon. In one of my favorite early fall/back-to-school outfits, Taylor shows off her perfect pairing of a camo and leather combination top, camo shoes and a solid grey handbag. Every color exhibited is an established trend for the season, including the deep lichen green, turbulence grey and carafe brown/green tone. I adore the leather accent sleeves, and the black leggings break up the outfit’s camo components to keep the ensemble balanced and stylish.

Party Peplums + Preppy Prints

Sierra in a studded cut-out scuba peplum top from Charlotte Russe

Sierra in a coral studded cut-out scuba peplum top from Charlotte Russe. Follow Sierra on Instagram & Twitter.

Studded Cut-Out Scuba Peplum Top in Coral | Charlotte Russe | Buy similar style (dress version)

Proving itself this season was definitely the peplum. Appearing everywhere from tops to party dresses, the peplum style has experienced an almost year-long trend life among the hip, teen scene. With its slimming effect and feminine cut, the peplum has enough sass with its character to be considered edgy, but only when worn by the strongest chic in the crowd! It can seem a bit intimidating to young girls and women, due to it’s visible crop-top-like body hugging design above the waist, but it’s flowing bottom hits every body type just right. In all-black leggings and booties, Sierra shows how a pop of color and the right peplum can hug every curve just right. A beautiful, classy and young design, this top is an easy way to dress up for any party or cool kick-back.

Tatyana in Chevron Mesh Inset Mock Neck Dress from @charlotterusse Infamous Collection.

Tatyana in a Chevron Mesh Inset Mock Neck Dress from the Charlotte Russe Infamous Collection. Follow Tatyana on Twitter.

Chevron Mesh Inset Mock Neck Dress | Charlotte Russe | Buy Online

For those interested in bringing a little more edge to their party ensembles, this chevron dress Tatyana’s wearing from Charlotte Russe is young, fresh, and comes in the teens’ choice color of the season – teal! The mesh insert is sexy and cute, but the high neck keeps it from being too mature. Tatyana added her own touch to the dress with a cropped, black cardigan and thigh high boots.

Menswear: Gentleman’s Gradient

Chris in an H&M gradient design funnel neck hoodie, skinny jeans, and British style matin boots and a canvas backpack from SammyDress.

Chris in an H&M gradient design funnel neck hoodie, skinny jeans, and British style matin boots and a canvas backpack from SammyDress. Follow Chris on Instagram.

Fashion trends among high school boys is probably one of the hardest things to spot for the untrained eye. Though I’ll admit there’s nothing quite as attract as a fashionable guy, that concept is usually seen as something for the college years. However, I was lucky enough to spot some budding male trendsetters this season. Chris poses in his gradient ‘funnel neck’ hoodie from H&M, a design that has actually been quite trendy among the cool teen guys this season. Incorporated into the design of men’s shirts, jeans and sweatshirts, the unique class of the gradient style has become accepted among teen boys as an affordable way to look, well, cool (and not for lack of taste, either!). His canvas backpack from SammyDress, though very popular for young men in Asia, is much less common among young guys in American high schools. However, I hope this will change as I absolutely love the versatility of the item!!

Bonus: Always In, Denim

Screen shot 2013-12-14 at 10.06.35 PM

Elise in a denim button-down shirt, black leggings and brown suede boots. Follow Elise on Instagram and Twitter.

To deny yourself the beauty and eternal class of a denim shirt is a fashion crime. They are always in, always fresh, always cool (no matter what anyone tells you). Probably the most versatile item in my closet other than black leggings, a denim shirt is a statement of subtlety only made by the most stylish of fashionistas. Elise, one of my favorite trendsetters, shows how to pull off the simplicity of the denim shirt with black leggings and suede boots.

All images are from @AureliaDiesel on Instagram. Follow Aurelia on Instagram for on-the-spot fashion updates.

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