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SHINee’s Taemin ‘Sherlock’ Teaser Photos Revealed

The first teaser photos for the Korean Pop band, SHINee’s upcoming Album, Sherlock, were released yesterday. The images featured SHINee’s member, Minho, and revealed that the album concept will be about SHINee taking on the role of ‘french boys’. The second set of teaser images released, features the youngest (maknae) member of the band, Taemin. To see the rest of Taemin’s teaser images, visit the official SHINee website at The rest of the teaser images will be released on SHINee’s official site over the next couple of days.

SHINee’s 4th mini-album, Sherlock, is set to be released on March 21.

Also, the members of SHINee are currently filming the first music video for the album.

To see AureliaDiesel‘s post on Minho’s teaser images, click here.

Image courtesy of allkpop

As a Shawol myself, AureliaDiesel will keep you updated on everything SHINee during the weeks leading up to their comeback on March 21!

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