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#MacysCampusTour Campus Chic: Getting Fresh for Finals

It is often said that April showers will bring May flowers — but what exactly will May bring? Finals, of course! Synonymous with PSBS (Post-Spring Break Stress) and night-after-night hyped up on coffee studying, finals week(s) is the epitome of stress for students everywhere. With no time to waste, but plenty of time to procrastinate, fashion is normally the last thing on anyone’s mind, and that’s probably why most of us are guilty of showing up to class in sweats, or even pajamas. With that being said, did you ever think that the perfect outfit may actually be a key to increasing your test scores? When you’re confident, fresh, and well dressed, who’s to say your brain won’t experience the same positive effects that your spirit does. Dressing up for finals isn’t about impressing your fellow peers — it’s about giving yourself that extra boost to get the job done right. Just like a shot of espresso awakens the mind, a casual, comfortable and stylish outfit will revive your mind, body, soul and brain after nights of little-to-no sleep and weeks of stress.

Putting together outfits for finals shouldn’t be anywhere near as stressful as studying for the actual tests. In fact, picking out ensembles should be a relaxing break from all the chaos you’ve most likely been experiencing with the school year coming to a close. Simply have fun, and look for cute ways to be confident and comfortable.

Here are some of my suggestions from Macy’s M Style Lab that I think would be perfect to rock during finals week:

Tinseltown Juniors High-Waist Cuffed Denim Shorts

Tinseltown Juniors High-Waist Cuffed Denim Shorts

Angie Juniors' Printed Skater Dress

Angie Juniors’ Printed Skater Dress

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#MacysCampusTour Find of the Week: Jenni Fleece Tracksuits and Burnout Tees

Get fit for spring with these awesome activewear finds from Macy’s M Style Lab!

All of these pieces I saw in-store during my spring fashion haul at Macy’s, and they were all so cute and comfy! The fleece hoodies are definitely on my wish list and burnout tees are an absolute favorite item of mine (I own quite a few of them).

(Click images for shopping links)

Jenni Hoodie & Cropped Active Pants

Jenni Hoodie & Cropped Active Pants

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#MacysCampusTour How to Shop for Prom with Macy’s Mobile App

Macys Mobile App Tutorial

Shopping becomes a breeze with Macy’s innovative Mobile App.

Check out for more updates from the spring fashion campaign.

Available for both iOS and Android phones, Macy’s mobile app is not only innovative, but easy to use. With registry support, exclusive offers, a store locator, and more, the Macy’s app is as capable as ever to bring you a fantastic virtual shopping experience. One of the most convenient features is the ability to shop by trend, which I will be showing you in this quick, easy tutorial for those looking to keep their prom shopping as simple and flexible as possible.

Prom shopping can be incredibly stressful, especially for girls. We don’t just need to find the perfect dress – shoes, accessories, and even makeup must all be coordinated as well. Luckily, Macy’s has put together a selection of versatile, trend-focused prom categories available to shop on the Macy’s app.

First, download your Macy’s app either from the Apple App Store or Google Play. Then, open it up and you should see the simple menu layout seen above. Make sure you don’t miss out on any exclusive discounts and deals found in the ‘offers’ options and be sure to try Macy’s spring season Spin & Win virtual promo found at the bottom of the menu. Read more…

No-Fuss Cosmetics Testing with GlamST Virtual Makeover

GlamST Virtual Makeover Tool

Easily (and virtually!) transition from Day to Night with

If there’s one thing every makeup-addict can agree on, it’s that cosmetics are an absolutely pain to take off. So when it comes time to try that new set of lipstick shades or high-tech mascara brand in-store, some of us will end up making spontaneous, and even foolish purchases in the name of convenience. But thanks to the all-female team of developers at, you’ll never have to worry about buying the wrong shade of anything, ever again.

Begun by two telematics engineers as a tech start-up over 2 years ago, GlamST has evolved from a simple virtual tester to a social platform meant to “solve a problem women face everyday: choosing makeup that’s best for you and spotting the latest trends.” Originally released as an exclusive app available only on Windows 8, GlamST has been reinvented as a fully functional tool for the web at

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[Book Review] An Unstill Life by Kate Larkindale is About a Lot More than Just LGBT Rights

An Unstill Life by Kate LarkindaleLivvie Quinn has problems just like any other teenager; she doesn’t always get along with her mother, friends become fake and sexuality is taboo. However, the way she handles these problems is as unique as the paintings she creates in her sacred safe house of art class. After dealing with her sister’s 10 year cancer-free streak coming to an end, an emotionally abusive mother at home, and her best friends not being as supportive as they should, Livvie unexpectedly turns to Bianca, a fellow art student and the school’s most controversial misfit. Bianca is strong-willed, confident and open about everything; Livvie is suppressed, unsure and breaking emotionally at the seams. Despite their differences, both girls find themselves having feelings for each other that is beyond their previous experience, and Livvie finds a comfort in Bianca that is absent at home. Though once the relationship between the two is discovered, things at school change dramatically as the girls face bullying, hazing and possible expulsion for attending a formal dance as a couple. As her sister’s cancer continues to worsen, Livvie is faced with choices that deliberately put her in the middle of life and death, and soon the fate of her sister rests in her hands, unbeknownst to Bianca and her distraught mother. With little strength to carry on with her own life, “Livvie must decide how far she’s willing to go for the people she loves” (Quoted from official book synopsis). Read more…

[Review] Personalized Gold from ONecklace: The Aurelia Necklace

Personalized jewelry - ONecklace | AureliaDiesel

Personalization is the essence of style.

Fashion is an inward and outward form of expression – in other words, it is affected and influenced by one’s unspoken feelings and desires. So when something makes you feel great emotionally, it will show on the outside as true style. This makes the natural allure of personalized jewelry and apparel obvious, as it is a perfect way to balance a feeling of ownership and pride in oneself while alluding to that confidence on the outside. Even when you may be feeling down, the sentiment of a name necklace is undeniable.

ONecklace is by far one of the best online destinations to satisfy your personalized jewelry needs. From silver, to gold, to the timeless diamond classics, ONecklace specializes in jewelry based purely on the beauty of names, the universal symbol for individuality and identity. Choose from a variety of options, including material, font, and name vs. monogram, and make your necklace just as unique as you (or a loved one – these are perfect gifts for any occasion). Necklaces come in plated or pure sterling silver and plated or pure gold, and similar options can be found for personalized earrings, bracelets and more. ONecklace isn’t just for name necklaces – it’s for all types of personalized jewelry! Read more…

#MacysCampusTour: Festival Fashion for Spring ’14

#MacysCampusTour Festival Fashion Spring '14 | AureliaDieselMusic and fashion go hand-in-hand, which is probably why festival style is such a critical part of the spring season. These hip and artsy events exist to give people the right to brilliant self-expression, while providing the perfect venues (and normally weather!) for fashion of multiple decades and tastes to truly come together in one place. And with SXSW already coming to an end, it’s time to start amping up for the next 2014 festival on your list. Whether it’d be Coachella or a more underground local scene, here some must-haves, trendy basics, and amazing accessories from Macy’s M Style Lab, sure to jumpstart your festival season wardrobe.

Shopping tip for Festival Season Spring ’14: Think ‘relaxed fit, bold prints’. Read more…

[Video] #MacysCampusTour 2014 Spring Shopping Spree

#MacysCampusTour 2014 Shopping Spree | AureliaDiesel on YouTube

Click to watch the exclusive, campaign behind-the-scenes video!

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#MacysCampusTour Trendy Find of the Week: Spring Break ’14 Fringe Bikini

Macys-Campus-Tour-Spring-2014-Week-2-Title-ImageIt’s week 2 of the #MacysCampusTour and is busy and buzzing with pics, prizes and more. Make sure to also enter the Macy’s Spin & Win Sweepstakes in the Macy’s mobile app (available on Android or iOS) for a chance to win gift codes worth up to $500 instantly!

There’s nothing quite like the perfect Spring Break bikini – playful, bright, boho – Spring’s swimwear is all about welcoming the warm weather and cool waters with positivity and style. With brands from Macy’s M Style Lab such as Raisins, Roxy and Hula Honey, getting that youthful, beachy look for vacation is, literally, a breeze.

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#MacysCampusTour: Macy’s MStyle Lab Shopping Haul


The Macy’s Campus Tour has begun and I couldn’t be happier to share with you all some of the great pieces I recently purchased in the MStyle Lab section of Macy’s. It’s a bit ironic considering the massive sheet of snow covering my windows as I write this, but it is spring fashion season which means shopping for warmer weather and brighter colors is a must.  Read more…

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